Lakeville Newer Two Story Homes for Sale

Lakeville is the hotbed of high quality construction in the Twin Cities. In addition to superior schools, downtown Lakeville has become a food and beer-lovers delight. Check out these high quality homes with plenty of room to live your best life.

Showing checklist

This is a short post that we share with our sellers to help them get organized for showings. Putting your best foot forward will result in more offers and more money for your home.

Buying a home in a seller’s market

The truth is that people buy and sell houses because of the time in their lives, not the economic condition of the housing market.   That said, it is May of 2018 and home buyers are being shocked by prices and low inventory levels. If you’re going to buy a home now, it can be done … Continued

Cleaning checklist for your listing

Detailing a home is just as important as detailing a car before selling it. Hire a professional or follow these tips to get your home market ready and sparkling clean. Yes, it’s a lot of work but the return on investment to properly prepare your home for sale is huge! Basic Deep Cleaning Tips Put … Continued

Best coffee in Saint Paul

COFFEE.  Saint Paul is abound with coffee shops ranging from the mundane and/or franchised (think Starbucks, Caribou, Dunn, etc) to the local, well-worn (J&S Bean Factory). Here’s why I’m qualified to write this article: I drink coffee and often work out of cafés. I’m in one now having a beautifully pulled double shot of espresso. … Continued

Take pictures NOW for winter home sales

Winter sales require summer pictures. Have you ever browsed for homes in the winter and wondered what the yard and trees look like in the summer? Buyers want to know what’s waiting for them in the spring. It’s part of the decision process and no summer pictures equals less interest. If you’re thinking about selling … Continued

3 Amazing Dishes in Lakeville MN

Lakeville MN doesn’t have a mature food scene and that’s changing. An estimated $6 million leaves the area in search of food each year, and local businesses are springing up to cash in on those diners. Lakeville, like the rest of the Twin Cities, benefits from an incredible immigrant population and diversity that brings home … Continued