Lakeville MN doesn’t have a mature food scene and that’s changing. An estimated $6 million leaves the area in search of food each year, and local businesses are springing up to cash in on those diners. Lakeville, like the rest of the Twin Cities, benefits from an incredible immigrant population and diversity that brings home cooking from all over the world. A couple of the dishes I’m mentioning weren’t available in Lakeville a year ago – and none of it was available 2 years ago. These are some of my favorite go-to dishes – I hope you enjoy!

#1: Pumpkin Penang Curry from Joy’s Thai

Don’t be afraid of spice. They offer all their dishes on a 1 (Minnesota polite) to 5 (fire eater) heat scale. This might be one of the most luscious things I’ve eaten in a long time. You have a choice of meat or tofu – I usually opt for shrimp, though I’ve read that beef is particularly suited to penang curry. There’s about 20 other dishes here that bear mention and will occur in future blogs.

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Joy’s Thai is located at the intersection of Cedar and 160th. The area features a rich diversity of houses for sale in ISD 196. People who live in this area enjoy a convenient commute to the Cities via 35W, 77 (Cedar), or 35E. MVTA has several public transit options as well. It is one of the fastest growing areas of the Twin Cities.

#2: Pho (pronounced “Fuh”) from Pho Everest

This place feels like you’re visiting family (if your family was from Vietnam). Pho is an aromatic broth of beef or chicken with rice noodles, herbs, and various cuts of beef. Their rare steak pho is a great starting point for those having this dish for the first time. Everyone has their way of eating pho – my way is to tear up basil leaves into the dish and mix the provided hoisin and sri racha sauces on the side as a dip.

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#3: The Double Rammstein from Heavy Metal Grill

This is not delicate. This is war. Two brat burgers with kraut and swiss. It’s exactly what I want when I just don’t care anymore.  If nihilism could be served on a bun with fries – this is it. It’s tasty, powerful, and at all times Heavy Metal. I prefer mine with mustard.

Heavy Metal Grill is located in old Lakeville, downtown.  This area features older homes with character within walking distance to coffee, food, ice cream, and shopping. Downtown Lakeville has come a long way with breweries and housing within stumbling distance.

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3 Amazing Dishes in Lakeville MN
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3 Amazing Dishes in Lakeville MN
The Lakeville food scene is evolving and borrowing from local culture. There are 3 favorite dishes from local restaurants.
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