Disclaimers are everywhere and for everything.

Of course you shouldn’t drink Windex – and someone probably tried and then complained when it didn’t “sit well” with them.

Real estate is no different.  We have disclaimers – and a lot of them.  The most important are the ones that state that we are *not* an attorney nor accountant.  If you take legal or tax advice from me – you’re going to get what you deserve. Don’t take that advice from me. DO take real estate advice from me. I’m good at that.  If you need legal or tax advice, I can make recommendations that will serve you well.  Maybe. This is a disclaimer, after all.

Already working with an agent?

Awesome! If you already have a contractual relationship with another agent or broker, please know that any communication from my practice or this website is NOT intended to solicit your business.  We enjoy strong relationships with cooperating brokers based on trust and professionalism.  We’re not going to ruin that by poaching clients. Feel free to opt-out and unsubscribe from our communications if you find them less than useful.


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